Agriculture revolutionised.

With FoodCube vertical farming systems


Solving big problemswith freshness & flavour.

FoodCube is an automated smart-farm, capable of growing commercial quantities of the freshest produce. Think fresh lettuce & spinach, flavour filled herbs and rare Australian natives.

Combining cutting edge technologies with an ultra-small footprint means the FoodCube can fit on your rooftop, in your basement, or inside the business itself. From one small space, the FoodCube can deliver the fantastic flavour, freshness and nutrition of same-day harvests while reducing waste and eliminating pesticides

FoodCube HQ

  • Our centralised propagation hub to raise plants at scale.
  • Thousands of varieties ready for same day delivery.
  • Preparation & packing of surplus for distribution.

Service & Support

  • Ongoing technical and operational support.
  • FoodCube is your best customer – we will purchase your produce as well.
  • Recycling our components means your costs fall over time.


  • Order customised grow rods for delivery.
  • Smart farming notifications keep your Cube optimised.

The Cube

  • Plug and play – install your seeded rods and configure the Cube for fast and fresh harvests.
  • Monitor your investment with a state-of-the-art environmental control system.

90% more water efficient

Harnessing Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), plants are grown by maintaining a thin layer of nutrient solution around the roots, without the use of a substrate.

108kg of weekly produce

One FoodCube can produce up to as much as the equivalent of a 16 acre market garden.

4000 average plant capacity

85% of the Cube is devoted to growing space, maximising yield

1000+ varieties available

…and counting! The controlled environment means the flavour profiles you can generate are limited only by your creativity.

100% pesticide free

A true closed system eliminates the need for harsh pesticides and chemicals to produce an ultra-fresh product you can eat directly from harvest.

Save an average of 54Kms of food miles per delivery

Produce local food with unbeatable cost and premium pricing

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